The New French Modernist


Lately I’ve been inspired by a look I call The New French Modernist. It is all about about effortless style, mixing old & new, and layering in a feminine modern palette. Here are my tips on achieving the look:

VINTAGE DETAILING If your space is vintage with some great architectural detailing, fantastic! Paint it a clean crisp white or soft pastel. If your space is more modern, don’t fret. Add in some vintage furniture or accessories to get the vibe.

ART Adding in some modern art is key to offset the vintage details from step 1. You can have one large piece, or a collection of smaller pieces. Either way, play with the unexpected, bold and sculptural. Check out some ideas here!

FEMININE TOUCHES Create warmth by adding in feminine colors and textures. It doesn’t have to be pink- a soft blue or lilac will have the same effect. Look for velvet, fur or other rich textile accents. This rug would do the trick!

MODERN FLAIR Balance out the feminine details by adding in sculptural, hard lines such as modern lighting or stone and metal furniture. The contrast will do wonders for the space. Try this sculptural lamp!

For more inspiration check out our gallery below!